Energy Savings Program

What is the Energy Savings Program?

Did you know that energy can account for up to 50% of the cost to run an indoor farm?  To address this need, our partners created the Energy Savings Program. The program identifies the most cost effective energy supplier on the market for you.

The process is simple. Fill out the form below and we notify our partners to shop for the best utility rates using a sophisticated e-sourcing platform. It is that easy!

Expect to save 5-20% on your annual bill for electricity.  We also will give you a discount on membership in the Center!

See a recent case study for more information on savings: Kennett Township Case Study

Who is it for?

This program is for all types of consumers:

  • All types of growers including indoor vertical farms, rooftop greenhouses, field greenhouses, container farms, plant factories
  • Institutions such as schools, universities, municipalities interested in indoor agriculture
  • All types of businesses interested in indoor agriculture
  • Individuals interested in indoor agriculture

In short, any related facility that uses considerable amounts of electricity.

For those who participate in the program, we offer a discount on the Center’s annual membership fee!  See below.

Getting Started

To get started, we only need a few things:

  1. Fill out the online contact form below.
  2. You will then be contacted by one of our partners to obtain permission to shop for the best energy deal for you. They will use your latest utility bill to obtain the necessary information to get you the best deal.
  3. That’s it!

There are no fees or obligations.  Once an energy supplier is identified with a better utility rate, you will have the option of taking advantage of these savings. You choose.

Membership Discount!

Participate in the Energy Savings Program and get a discount on a paid Center of Excellence membership!

As an added benefit for those who participate in the Energy Savings Program we offer $50 off a Business or Institutional Annual Membership in the Center of Excellence. 

We also offer free Individual Membership.

To learn more about membership, click here

Get information About the Energy Savings Program

To learn more about the program, please provide your contact information below.  You will receive an email from Dave Saunders, Energy Savings Program Manager from the PAVA Group. Questions?  Contact Dave directly at: or 267.712.9744

Yes! Please contact me with information about the Energy Program.

We take your privacy very seriously which is covered by our privacy policy.

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