Center of Excellence Marketplace

The Marketplace of the Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture is a global online store that brings together all members of the indoor farming community to exchange goods and services.

Our partners offer everything from grow lights to monitoring and control systems to substrates. Find the right products and services throughout the indoor farming value chain, from raw materials to production to distribution.

You can also purchase memberships to industry associations, buy tickets to conferences, and find service providers.

Marketplace Advantages

Crop Agnostic

Our partners and suppliers can help you grow everything from mushrooms to lettuces.

Tech Agnostic

 It doesn’t matter if you operate a greenhouse or an indoor vertical plant factory. 

Event Tickets

You can even purchase tickets to major indoor farming conferences such as Indoor Ag-Con.

Marketplace Benefits

Best-in Class Partners

Our partners bring you top of the line products and services


Indoor farming fulfilment from production systems to lighting to design services

Secure Shopping

We use industry standard technologies to protect your transactionss.



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