Awards Process for

Indoor Farm Equipment Manufacturers

Congratulations on being nominated for a Center of Excellence Best in Class manufacturer award! To be considered for an award, please complete our detailed technical survey designed to bench-mark your products.

Who: Production System Makers and Lighting Companies

What: The survey for equipment manufacturers is designed to collect data on indoor farm lighting and production equipment. Companies that offer both production systems and lighting will be considered in each category.

Preparation: We recommend assembling the necessary data beforehand. Production system makers need data regarding spatial layout, system dimensions, inputs (e.g., energy, water, light, labor, etc.) and outputs (e.g., yields). Lighting companies need to supply technical data such as size, input power, flux, lifetime of use, warranty, etc.

How: Respondent may access the online survey by entering a name and email. You may return to the survey from this page using the same information.