Water is the Lifeblood of Every Indoor Farm

Water is the lifeblood of all farms. It is the primary means by which the plants are fed nutrients.  Having a quality water supply that is effectively managed is essential to running a sustainable, efficient, and safe indoor farm.

We can help your company determine if your produce and pathways are free of contamination.  We also can help you to identify sustainable water treatment and recycling methods of operation to keep your farm green. We support all types of farms including indoor vertical farms, greenhouses and urban farms.

Is Your Water Safe?

Any contamination of the farm’s water supply can end up in the plant tissues, from bacteria to synthetic chemicals like PFAS.

We offer deep knowledge coupled with sophisticated advanced water and material testing and analysis services for indoor farmers.  One of the key tests we can provide is for PFAS chemicals, which have been discovered in food and food packaging. Through advanced analytics and expert evaluation, we can help your company determine if your produce and pathways are free of contamination.

Are You Managing Your Water Effectively?

While indoor farms typically use much less water than outdoor field methods, without effective water treatment, reuse and management procedures, you can waste considerable water.  This is paticularly important in arid and water scarce regions.

An effective water management program begins with measurement. We can help you bench-mark your water use and develop methods to use water more efficiently from plant maturation to cleaning. See also our sustainable farm operations service.


Water Management and Analytical Services We Offer


  • Water quality testing and assessment
  • Contaminant identification and source assessment
  • Water purification
  • Wastewater treatment and reuse
  • Water treatment system identification and evaluation

Our Expertise

Our water analytics group is headed by an industry expert with decades of experience and a Ph.D. in environmental engineering.

Erick R. Bandala, Ph.D.

Erick R. Bandala, Ph.D.

Dr. Bandala holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering; MSc in Organic Chemistry, and BEng in Chemical Engineering. His academic and applied research interests include: (1) The Water-Energy-Food NEXUS; (2) Water Security; (3) International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (IWASH);  (4) Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) for environmental restoration; (5) Synthesis, characterization and application of nanomaterials for environmental restoration; (6) Development of Climate Change adaptation methodologies for water security. Dr. Bandala is author or co-author of 99 peer-reviewed papers in international journals (average impact factor 2.7, >3,040 citations, h-index 27); 5 books, 27 book chapters and 65 works published in proceedings of international conferences.

Next Steps

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