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CropKing Inc was established as a US-based, family-owned business in 1982, and has been the leader in controlled environment agriculture, greenhouse manufacturing, and hydroponic systems with customers throughout the United States and in 20+ countries. Through innovation, research, and real-world experience, we provide solutions that enhance the production of crops while helping customers to find success through horticulture support.

GrowFlux is dedicated to innovating global food production, achieving breakthrough energy conservation, and expanding access to healthful foods worldwide. We do this by solving the toughest challenges in a rapidly growing field of agriculture called Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), which encompasses greenhouse agriculture, indoor farming, and vertical farming. Our focus is artificial and natural light for plants – as well as data and control connected to light.

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions is a company devoted to designing and engineering energy-efficient growing systems. Ceres recognizes that beyond providing a well designed facility, integrating appropriate technology and focused data, as well as smart partnerships, is essential to creating greenhouse facilities that both consider the environment and make financial sense.

The Desert Research Institute (DRI) is a recognized world leader in basic and applied environmental research. Committed to scientific excellence and integrity, DRI has developed scientific knowledge and innovative technologies in research projects around the globe on topics ranging from humans’ impact on the environment to the environment’s impact on humans. DRI’s work supports Nevada’s diverse economy, provide science-based educational opportunities, and informs policymakers, business leaders, and community members.

Industry leading knowledge in commercial hydroponic vegetable production, vertical farming, urban farming, urban agriculture, engineered substrates, fertilizers and LED grow lights. Founded in 2009, Hort Americas works closely with manufacturers to bring quality, technically advanced and cost effective products to greenhouse growers in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and Mexico.

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