Building a Sustainable Farm Operation


Building a sustainable farm operation requires a management strategy that promotes learning and continuous process improvement:

  • Assess: Benchmark where you are today
  • Design: Develop a plan for improvement
  • Execute: Implement new designs
  • Review: Re-assess metrics and repeat process

The Center offers a service that includes assessment, design, and execution.

Indoor Farm Sustainable Operations Assessment

The Center of Excellence offers a detailed technical survey and service to assess farm operations sustainability.  The assessment evaluates the use of energy, labor, materials, water and other inputs in consideration of production yields. We also assess other metrics such as job creation, waste management, and the efficiency of capital investment.

Indoor Farm Assessment Process

Value of Our Assessment

The assessment includes a complete listing of key performance indicators (KPI’s) in several areas of operational efficiency.

The results of the assessment will be of value to the farm’s senior management.

The assessment will also be of value to investors doing due diligence or reviewing the performance of companies in their portfolio.

As a bonus, all growers using our assessment process are eligible for consideration for our annual “Best in Class” awards.

Primary Recipients

What Types Farms Can Benefit?

The service is designed for all indoor farm vertical growers, plant factories, aquaponics facilities and greenhouses.

Greenhouse Growers

Indoor Vertical Farm Growers

Areas of Assessment

Growers receive feedback in the following areas

Effective Use of Space

Effective Use of Water

Effective Use of Energy

Effective Use of Labor

Job Creation


Waste Management

Capital Use Efficiency

Outcomes of the Assessment


Certificate of Completion


Customized Report


Farm Sustainability Maturity Rating

Recognition as a Best in Class Grower


All growers participating in this service who are interested are entered as candidates for our annual “Best in Class” awards, which recognizes grower excellence. Please go to our awards page for more information.


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