About the “Best in Class” Awards

Our vision is to accelerate the growth of the indoor farming industry.  We believe we can do that by recognizing operational excellence.  Consequently, we have embarked upon an ambitious program to collect bench-marking data on indoor farm operations and equipment used to run vertical farms and greenhouses.

Unlike many industry awards, our awards are based on the evaluation of technical and operational data not marketing or financial considerations. Each year we will review the public and submitted data and recognize key stakeholders for their excellence in several categories.

Benefits of Participating


Growers and manufacturers with the highest overall scores will earn an “Indoor Ag Center Best in Class Award” (TM).

For finalists, we issue a press release and the latter are featured on our website, in email blasts and social media channels.

We also schedule a special live or online event announcing the results and the winners are invited to a panel discussion on the role of metrics in building sustainable farms or a related topic.

Application Process

Award Process flow

Anyone can nominate a company for award consideration. You can nominate your own company or another company you think is worthy of consideration. Nominations can be completed in about a minute as noted below.

After being nominated, each company must fill out a detailed technical survey, which are customized for growers vs. equipment manufacturers. Our detailed surveys assess technical qualifications and operations functions.  We recommend collecting the necessary documents and data ahead of time.

Once we receive the surveys, we perform a quality check and may ask for additional information and/or documentation. The finalized data is then used for Best in Class evaluations.  We use a proprietary multi-dimensional model to assess overall value of the farm or equipment in terms of sustainability combined with market data and research.

After the assessments are completed, we announce the annual winners at a virtual or in-person event working with one of our media partners. The results are shared on our web site, social media, via press releases and other means.

Key Info


Indoor Farm Manufacturers

  • Indoor Farm Production Systems
  • LED Lighting companies

Indoor Farm Growers

  • Greenhouses
  • Indoor vertical farms


Nominations for awards can be made at any time (see below).

Submission of all nominations, surveys and other documentation must be made prior to the end of the calendar year.  The Center reserves the right to move nominations late in the year to the following awards cycle.

Award Categories


  • Top Indoor Production System
  • Top Indoor Lighting Fixture


  • Top Greenhouse Grower
  • Top Indoor Vertical Grower

Announcement of Winners

Winners of the Best in Class Awards are announced each summer at a virtual or live event hosted by the Center and Indoor Ag-Con.

Media Event Partner

Other Info

Confidentiality:  All responses are considered voluntary and confidential as outlined in our Survey Informed Consent form.

Nomination Fee: No fee.

Nominations are Open!


To nominate your company or product, please enter the required information in the appropriate form on this page. You may also nominate on behalf of another company.

Enter the name of the organization being nominated and the award category. List the product for consideration. For the “Description” field, please describe why you think this organization or its products merit recognition.

Submissions can be made anytime throughout the year and we will determine which submission year is appropriate. Emailed or hard copy submission forms will not be accepted.

Manufacturers include lighting solutions and production systems. Growers include greenhouses and indoor vertical farms.

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