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Media, PA – March 15, 2021: The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture, a U.S. based company that supports the growth and development of the vertical and indoor farming industry, announced a partnership with Air, Soil and Water Research (ASWR), a highly regarded Sage peer-reviewed and open access journal that features articles on environmental science, sustainability and agriculture.

The goal of this partnership is to advance knowledge and innovation in indoor agriculture and to support broad sustainable development goals. Stakeholders of the Center will benefit from access to the latest research findings on environmental impacts, offer members a pathway to publication and promote knowledge sharing. ASWR will benefit from increased submissions and readership, more visibility among indoor farm researchers and practitioners, and the alliance will contribute to its sustainability goals. Additionally, authors affiliated with the Center will benefit from a 25% discount on ASWR APC fees.

Eric W. Stein, Ph.D., co-founder and Executive Director of the Center of Excellence stated, “Our partnership with Air, Soil and Water Research represents a milestone for the Center. Our mission is to provide industry insights, educate, and to advance knowledge about vertical and indoor farming. This partnership addresses each of these goals.”

Erick R. Bandala, Ph.D., Chief Editor (Water) at ASWR observed, “The global transition to indoor farming production methods can contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations for 2030. The alliance between the Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture and Air, Soil and Water Research supports these goals, and will encourage scientific exchange among the stakeholders of the Center of Excellence and the broader research community.”

Dr. Stein added, “We are proud of our partnership with ASWR and expect in a few years to see several important research studies on sustainability published as a result that demonstrate the positive impacts indoor farming can have on water use (which is especially critical in arid regions), soil conservation, and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.”

More Info:  Those interested in the goals of the center, reading or publishing in the journal and receiving industry updates are directed to center’s web site at

About The Center

The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture provides insights about the economics of indoor farming based on a careful analysis of industry data and from thought leaders in industry and academia. As the first U.S.-based Center of Excellence dedicated to indoor farming, it promotes best practices, bench-marking, networking, knowledge development and research. Its annual Best in Class Indoor Farming Awards (TM) recognize top indoor growers and manufacturers. The Center is located in the Philadelphia metro region.

About ASWR

Air, Soil and Water Research is an open access, peer reviewed international journal covering all areas of research into soil, air and water. The journal looks at each aspect individually, as well as how they interact with each other and the different components of the environment. This includes properties (including physical, chemical, biochemical and biological), analysis, microbiology, chemicals and pollution, consequences for plants and crops, soil hydrology, changes and consequences of change, social issues, and more.


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