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The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture | Philadelphia, PA

Executive Summary

by Eric W. Stein
June 10, 2018

Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture Feasibility Study Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to provide our sponsors and other indoor agriculture stakeholders with information regarding the feasibility of setting up a Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture. The benefits expected to result from the center include but are not limited to:  Serving as an international hub for indoor agriculture training, R&D, investment, and advocacy;  Serving as a knowledge base for the industry with the cooperation with universities and schools in the area and across the country;  Promoting diversification of the mushroom industry into other high value crops;  Promoting economic development in the region in which it is situated. What distinguishes this study from others is the amount of primary data that we have collected; i.e., this is not simply another “white paper,” but an assessment grounded in over 35 hours of interviews with multiple stakeholders, over 60 high quality survey responses from key stakeholders, data collected at indoor agriculture conferences and meetings, and an analysis of scores of reports, documents and peer-reviewed studies.

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