300 Leaders Attend Agtech Summit 2020

Jul 20, 2020 | 3-Conferences


The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture | Philadelphia, PA

The Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit, a virtual event held on Thursday July 23, gathered the biggest names in the indoor and vertical farming industries to discuss how the sector is rapidly transforming the agri-food landscape, and redesigning food systems to meet consumer demand for fresh produce.

Oscar Brennecke, Conference Producer for the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit, said: “Three years on from our first event we’ve seen a huge shift in the scale, quality and affordability of indoor grown produce. As a high-end niche market, fresh produce is now available on supermarket shelves and restaurants, providing a clean, safe, nutritious, local, and resilient food source to millions of people.

“Hosting the virtual event provides a meeting point for the sector and we’re looking forward to facilitating new connections, sharing best practice, and accelerating project developments.”

The Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit has taken place in New York annually since 2018, attended by major farm operators, food retailers, seed companies, technology providers and investors from around the world. The new Virtual Summit hosted over 300 participants from the US, Canada, Europe, the UAE and Asia to share knowledge and engage in high-level networking via online round-table groups and 1-1 meetings.

Key discussion topics on the fast-paced program included:

  • Finding Growth in Crisis: Responding to a Rapidly Changing Food Landscape
  • Why Diversify? Exploring the Costs and Benefits of Indoor Agriculture
  • Optimizing Seeds for Indoor Agriculture: Breeding a Competitive Advantage
  • Enhancing Nutritional Value and Yield: Perfecting Plant Recipes
  • Lighting and Energy: Driving Efficiency and Economic Viability
  • Financing Growth: Can Capital Keep Pace with Industry Demand?
  • Investing in Food Security: The Abu Dhabi Model
  • Adapting to a New Food Culture: Supplying Restaurants Post-COVID
  • Optimizing Consumer Awareness: How to Build a “Holistic” Indoor Brand

Over 40 international speakers included:

  • David Rosenberg, CEO, AEROFARMS, USA
  • Tessa Pocock, Director of Advanced Lighting & Plant Physiology, PLENTY, USA
  • Sanjeev Krishnan, CIO & Managing Director, S2G VENTURES, USA
  • Elyse Lipman, Director of Strategy, LIPMAN FAMILY FARMS, USA
  • Viraj Puri, Co-Founder & CEO, GOTHAM GREENS, USA
  • Susan MacIsaac, Head of AgScience, BOWERY, USA
  • David Farquhar, CEO, IGS, UK
  • Gretchen Raymond, Managing Director, RIJK ZWAAN, USA
  • Tobias Peggs, CEO, SQUARE ROOTS, USA
  • Delphine Descamps, Managing Director, CREADEV, USA
  • Maximillian Vogt, Director Buying, ALDI SÜD, GERMANY

The full agenda, advisory board, confirmed speakers, and delegate registration are available at www.indooragtechnyc.com


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