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Exec Summary-Center Feasibility

by Eric W. SteinJune 10, 2018 Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture Feasibility Study Assessment The purpose of this assessment is to provide our sponsors and other indoor agriculture stakeholders with information regarding the feasibility of setting up a Center...


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Research Papers

Sustainable Impacts Indoor Farming May Have On Environment

Abstract This article identifies the potential environmental effects large-scale indoor farming may have on air, water, and soil. We begin with an overview of what indoor farming is with a focus on greenhouses and indoor vertical farms (eg, plant factories). Next, the...

Research Model to Rank Energy Production

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 22 (2013) 640–654 Eric W. Stein    A comprehensive multi-criteria model to rank electric energy production technologies The purpose of this research was to develop a model for decision-makers to rank various renewable and...


Presentation-Center Feasibility

by Eric W. Stein June 6, 2018 Center of Excellence for Indoor Ag: Feasibility Study Findings The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of setting up a viable and self-sustaining Center of Excellence for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) located...


Center of Excellence’s Stein quoted in Rolling Stone article on indoor farming

A recent article on indoor farming ("Is This Giant Greenhouse in Kentucky the Future of Farming?") was published on August 22 in the Rolling Stone. The focus of the article is on AppHarvest, a large 60 acre greenhouse operation in rural Kentucky. The bulk of the...

Best Practices

Indoor Farm-Feasibility

The Indoor Farm Planning Process Planning is essential to starting an indoor farm. The key areas of planning are identified in the following infographic.  In this post, we give you an overview of the first phase of the process: feasibility planning. In subsequent...