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About the COE Marketplace

To be successful, growers need to implement the best products and services, from grow lights to monitoring and control, to substrates.  One of the challenges has been to find the right solution for the job at hand.

We have created the COE Marketplace to satisfy this need.  Now growers, and their investors, can find the right products and services to meet their needs throughout the indoor farming value chain, from raw materials to production to distribution. Growers and all potential customers are invited to browse the categories below.

Become a Vendor in the Marketplace

All current Business Members are invited to participate as vendors in the Marketplace as part of membership. This benefit allows each business member the opportunity to open a storefront to sell products and services for indoor agriculture.  See the list below for ideas on placement of products and services.

To register, login to your COE account and look for the “Vendor Info” menu tab.

Categories of Indoor Ag Products and Services Available

Production Systems

Vertical Production Systems

All components for indoor vertical systems from racks to channels to pumps to nutrient management systems and more.

Propagation Systems

Efficient germination and propagation systems.

Greenhouse Production Systems

Advanced high tech greenhouse systems are particularly effective in warmer climates.

Production Supplies

Nutrient Products

Nutrients for all types of production systems.


All forms of soil-free substrates for germination, seedling development, and maturation.

Growing Accesories

Everything from net pots to pumps.

Climate Systems

Climate Control

Advanced HVAC systems to control temperatue, humidity, CO2, and other building climate variables.

Lighting Systems

All forms of advanced LED systems for both primary and supplemental lighting.

Monitoring and Control Systems

Advanced remote monitoring systems for temperature, humidity, Ph, EC, and other factors of production.


Planning and Design Services

Planning, layout and design services for production systems.

Energy Procurement and Management Services

Energy can account for nearly 50% of overall operational costs.  We offer programs that can save energy throughout the production cycle.

Consulting Services

Starting an indoor farm requires specialized knowledge.  We connect you to consultants that allow you to tap into high quality expertise.

Packaging and Distribution Services

Product packaging and labels.

Cold Storage Services

Cold storage is a critical link in the value chain.

Transportation Services

Trucking services integrated with packaging and cold storage operations get your product to market.

Advanced Technology Solutions

Robotics and Automation

Labor accounts for as much as 40% of the overall costs to run an indoor farm. Robotics and automation can play a vital role in controlling costs.

AI and Machine Learning

Predictive analytics, pattern recognistion and machine learning can help to optimize plant growth and prevent disease.


Networks of sensors allow pinpoint control of operations.

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