Grow Profitable and Sustainable Vertical Farm Ventures and Greenhouses from Start to Finish


We provide business expertise and analytical advisory services to investors, entrepreneurs, industry partners, and community organizers to de-risk the process of building sustainable and profitable indoor vertical farms and greenhouses. We offer the following services:

Start-ups and Investors

  • Venture Strategy
  • Financial Feasibility, Risk Mgt and Due Diligence
  • Market Research

Established Companies

  • Farm Operations Sustainability and Optimization
  • Training and Workforce Development
  • Marketing Surveys and Promotion

Our expertise is grounded in data-driven knowledge, business modelling and evidence-based industry experience. We are tech agnostic and driven by a desire to realize profitability for our clients.

Eric W. Stein, Ph.D.

Eric W. Stein, Ph.D.

Founder and Executive Director

Venture Strategy


Not sure what your venture will look like? We can help you articulate your vision, assess your assets, and find a path from idea to farm.
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Financial Feasibility and
Due Diligence


Will the farm venture generate sustainable profits and a reasonable return on investment? We will model and help you assess the economic feasibility of the project, from yields to capital costs to the costs of the operation. You will know if the project is a winner.
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Farm Operations Sustainability and Optimization


Are your farm operations efficient and sustainable?  Using our assessment model, we can help you establish unit metrics and benchmark your farm operations relative to other producers.
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Training and Education

Need help training employees to work on your farm? The Center and its partners provide a variety of training and education services. We can assess the need for training, develop a training and education plan, and help you develop a path forward.
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We believe that the establishment of the Center of Excellence will propel the overall development of the indoor agriculture industry.

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Market Research

What products are you selling? Lettuce, tomatoes, herbs or something else? We research the markets for your products at different price points and help you identify your target customers.
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Marketing Support


Want to better understand your customer needs? We can design, implement, and analyze custom-built surveys of your client needs.  Hoping to get the word out on your products and services? We offer promotional opportunities to increase your visibility in the marketplace.
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Water Analysis and Managment


Need to check the quality of your water supply? The Center and its partners offer offer water testing and analysis services. Are you using water efficiently and sustainably? We can analyze and develop a water use plan for your farm operations.
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Knowledge Center


Fast Company: Is the Vertical Farming Bubble Popping?

Fast Company: Is the Vertical Farming Bubble Popping?

Summary: An article on indoor farming by Adele Peters ( "The vertical farming bubble is finally popping") was published on February 27 in Fast Company. The focus of the article is on the profitability of indoor farms. As noted at the beginning of the article: "Climate...

What Agtech Can Learn from Indoor Mushroom Farming

What Agtech Can Learn from Indoor Mushroom Farming

Over the last decade or so, advances in areas such as lighting, robotics, optical sensors, climate control, plant nutrition, genetics and data analytics have helped to launch a new high-tech industry - indoor agriculture. The race is now on to develop sustainable and...

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Center Announces Partnership with ASW Journal

Center Announces Partnership with ASW Journal

For Immediate Release   Media, PA – March 15, 2021: The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture, a U.S. based company that supports the growth and development of the vertical and indoor farming industry, announced a partnership with Air, Soil and Water...

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