Meet the Innovators Transforming CEA at Indoor AgTech NYC

May 19, 2023 | 3-Conferences, Partner Event


The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture | Philadelphia, PA

A host of dynamic international start-ups from around the world will be under the spotlight at next month’s Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit in New York.

They will showcase future-focused technologies for CEA in high-energy pitches live on stage, and in the dedicated start-up exhibition.

Discover fresh new indoor agtech solutions ranging from probiotics for plants, to modular and scalable systems, and environmental automation tools.

Known globally for its focus on innovation, investment, sustainability and technology, the Indoor AgTech program aims to advance opportunities and partnerships for start-ups as they raise their profile and connect with potential investors and partners.

Meet 11 companies taking the stage during the Start-Up Showcase Session and showcasing solutions in the exhibition:

Adaviv (USA): has an innovative Lean Cultivation system that delivers detailed crop insights, predictive risk assessments, enabling rapid response to plant health issues.

Avisomo (Norway): has developed a unique vertical farming growth system called the Avisomo Growth Station which uses AI and robots to automate plant growth.

Ceragen (Canada): is a biotech company developing probiotics for plants to help growers increase crop yields in hydroponic fruit and vegetable production.

Crop Convergence (USA): provides growers with the ability to increase their yields and profit by more than 10% in just a few growing cycles by optimizing genetics, environment, and management interactions using its flexible and customizable digital twin technology.

GyroPlant (UK): provides patented reusable growing superstructure which enables the use of gel-based media. This combination produces up to 95% fewer carbon emissions, cleaner farms and enhanced growing conditions.

IMIO (USA): is creating the next generation of agricultural inoculants to turn plant ‘waste’ into value, and replace harmful chemicals for the betterment of people, plants, and the planet.

Kasveista (Italy): produces seeds that are sold with an innovative open-source license which protects farmers’ access to germplasm and allows vertical farms to protect traditional varieties and agrobiodiversity.

Microclimates (USA): is a software company providing integrated controls for environmental automation.

Origeen (Mexico): provides a scalable system called ‘VPOT’, that works like a LEGO and can be adapted to different spaces and purposes such as vertical gardens or vertical hydroponic farming, helping to reduce pollution and wastewater in order to have more fresh food producing in the cities.

Terra Vera (USA): provides amino acid-based crop protection and nutrient products that improve the yields, safety, and sustainability of crop management. Leveraging biomimicry technology, oxidants are generated onsite and on-demand to replace chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Zayndu (UK): has created the world’s first ‘activated air’ seed processing system that delivers improved seed health and increases productivity yields by up to 25%.

The Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit in New York on June 29-30 will bring together more than 700 of the world’s leading farm operators, food retailers, investors, seed companies and technology providers for two high-energy days of 1-1 meetings, panel sessions, roundtable discussions, and a networking drinks reception.

The full agenda with the speaking faculty, start-up profiles and delegate registration for in-person or virtual attendance are available at

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