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Global Vertical Farming Expo 2021

About Global Vertical Farming Show 2021 – (Virtual Connect) is a trailblazing global event bringing together the complete vertical farming value chain to explore the...

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Center of Excellence’s Stein quoted in Rolling Stone article on indoor farming

A recent article on indoor farming ("Is This Giant Greenhouse in Kentucky the Future of Farming?") was published on August 22 in the Rolling...

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Vertical Farming in California

Introduction Indoor farming is a rapidly growing industry, and it makes sense that California is fully embracing it. Plenty Inc. and Iron Ox are indicative...

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Vertical Farming in NYC

Introduction New York City (NYC) and the state of New York are becoming hot spots in the field of vertical farming. A few of its...

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Indoor Ag-Con Orlando Oct 4-5, 2021

Join Us In Orlando In October! From starting or sustainably scaling up to buying from or selling to indoor | vertical farms producing a growing...

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