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Who Should Join?

Our goal is to bring together multiple stakeholders who have a common interest in the growth of the indoor agriculture industry. 

These would include but not be limited to indoor growers, suppliers, and service companies.  We are crop-agnostic and include those who grow lettuces and herbs, tomatoes, mushrooms, and other crops indoors. We also want to create connections between universities and the industry, as well as with federal, state and local government bodies.  Finally, we see indoor farming as playing a critical role in the sustainable development of communities and regions, as well as having a direct impact on consumers.

In short, we want to represent the interests of multiple stakeholders all committed to the growth and development of indoor farming. 

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Benefits of Membership

  • Membership in a Community of Practice for Indoor Ag
  • Knowledge sharing on best practices and R&D
  • Connection to other growers, consultants, vendors, universities, etc.
  • Company and product branding and promotion
  • Access to our Indoor Ag Marketplace offering solutions for growers
  • Discounts on products and services
  • Web site access and benefits (see below)

Brand and Product/Service Promotion

Business and Institutional members can benefit from highlighting their brand, as well as products and services, on the Center’s web site.  Each organization has the opportunity to create a profile, position logos on the site, link to social media platforms, be considered as a featured organization and more.

Membership in a Community of Practice

 Ability to create your own profile and connect with other members through our social media platform. Participate in existing user and friendship groups or create your own!

Access to Our COE Marketplace for Indoor Ag

Access to solutions for all indoor farming needs from lighting solutions to grow systems to data collection to consultants. Business members have the option of listing products and services. Discounts available to registered COE members.


Technology and eSourcing Solutions

Access to energy-saving solutions, as well as operations and growing technologies, for indoor farms through our Marketplace.

Knowledge Repository of Best Practices, Training and Research

Access to an evolving knowledge base of best practices, training materials and industry reports for our members.


Technology Benchmarking and Analysis

Access to evidence-based bench-marking critical to the growth of the industry, from lighting solutions to grow systems to data collection.

Membership Levels

The Center offers Individual, Business, and Institutional annual memberships based on size


Annual Membership Plans

Small (less than 10 employees) – Medium (10-99 employees) – Large (100+ employees)

Members, Partners and Sponsors

Member Registration

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