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Who Should Join?

Our goal is to bring together multiple stakeholders who have a common interest in the growth and development of the indoor agriculture industry.

Our members include growers of all types; i.e., those who grow lettuces, herbs, tomatoes, mushrooms, and other crops indoors. Our members also include suppliers and service companies that enable farmers, as well as investors who are fueling the growth of the industry.  Universities and other organization that are helping to build the knowledge base for indoor farming are invited. Finally, membership is for all who see indoor farming playing a critical role in the sustainable development of communities, urban areas and building a resilient food supply chain.

Benefits of Membership

Basic Benefits


Membership in a Community of Practice

Members create a profile and connect with other members through our social media platform. Participate in existing user and friend groups or create your own! Benefit from connections to other growers, consultants, vendors, universities, and communities.


Indoor Farming Supply Network

Access to solutions for all indoor farming needs from lighting solutions to conference tickets to data collection to consultants. Discounts available to paid COE members.

Looking for Brand and Product Support?


Access Premium Content

Members have access to premium content including an evolving knowledge base of best practices, research abstracts, training materials and industry reports.


Promote Your Brands

Company members benefit from brand, product, and service promotion.  Create a profile and link to social media. We will post your logo to our website and feature you in our communications.


Qualify for Discounts

Paid members qualify for discounts on special events such as online meetings, webinars, training, and round-tables, as well as products/services sold in the COE Marketplace.


Dedicated Account Manager

Our premium business plans feature a dedicated account manager who will assist with registration, setup, and customer support.


Sell Products and Services

Our COE Marketplace offers an eCommerce storefront for direct sales of products and services. Already have an eCommerce solution? No problem. Set up a storefront with affiliate re-directs. Vendors receive weekly reports on activity.


Leadership and Strategy Insights

Our premium business plans include participation in annual Leadership and Investing Round-tables on key topics.  We also include a strategy session with the COE Director.